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ALL RENTAL PROPERTIES/ROOMS MUST USE THE CURRENT RENTER FORM 5-2022. Prior forms will not be accepted. The Renter Application fee is NON REFUNDABLE. A fee of $100.00 for all rentings of one year or less. RENTER APPLICATION FORMS are ONLY valid for one year. This two page form must be completed and submitted to DMPOA 30 DAYS prior to rental start/anniversary date A Renter Application form is required for each year of the lease. On all multi year leases the fee will be $100.00 times number of years or fraction there of on lease (example $100.00 x 3years on lease = $300.00) The fee will be due when submitting the First form. No fee will be required on submittion of the remaining years forms.

Please download the current Renter Form 5-2022. This two page form must be completed and submitted to the President of the Association PRIOR to renting the property. DMPOA requires this form, a copy of all background checks(18 and older residing at property) prior to renting the property. The Rental Application Fee is due each time a form is submitted (form is only valid for one year). All paper work is to be submitted by LOT OWNER ONLY and is due 30 days prior to start date or anniversary date. Forms received less than 30 days prior to the rental will be subject to an additional $100 fee for expedited processing.

Note: the renter must be provided with a copy of the DMPOA Restrictive Covenants that are available on this site for download.