Denton Manor Property Owners Association, Inc

by the beach, in the heart of Sussex County.



Team work


Realtor Checklist


  1. Click on the Dues tab to find out if the property is not in good standing. A property is not in good standing if the property owners have failed to pay their dues by April 30 of the current year, or if they owe fines or dues for current or prior years. If the property is not in good standing, contact the Treasurer for all monies due.
  2. There is a Capital Contribution Fee of $300.00 payable to DMPOA, Inc. on the sale or transfer of any property in Denton Manor.
  3. Dues for 2019 are $82.00, set at our Spring meeting on March 10th.
  4. Go to the By Laws section of this site and print a copy of The Declaration of Amending and Superseding Restrictive Covenants for the prospective/new owner.
  5. Email the secretary, treasurer or president for a phone number if it is necessary to speak with someone regarding any issue.
  6. If using US Postal Mail address is: DMPOA, Inc., P.O.Box 483, Ocean View, DE 19970


ATTENTION ALL RENTAL PROPERTIES:Please download the (5-2018) Renters Form. Prior dated forms will not be accepted.

Click Here for Form , Each form (5-2018) is good for ONLY one year from date of "start renting".This two page form must be completed and submitted to DMPOA 30 DAYS prior to rental start date. We require this form, the correct fee and a copy of all background checks (18 years and older) prior to renting the property. There is a NONREFUNDABLE Rental Application Fee due. It is $100.00 for leases one year or less due at the time forms are submitted. Leases of Multi Year(s) or fraction of fee is $100.00 per year/fraction of. Lot owners of Multi Year Leases are required to submit a form EACH YEAR before year anniversary of start date. The Application Fee will be $100.00 for each year.(example $100.00 times 3 years on lease = $300.00 ) In this example the fee will then be $300.00 and will be due when the first form is submitted. In the follow-on years the form and background check(s) are the only documents required. Note: each renter must be provided with a copy of the "DMPOA Restrictive Covenants" which are available on this site for download.